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El 12/01/2016 a las 05:33

Mis respeto y mi admiracion por ud. Mr. Willie Colon. Soy Salsero y Venezolano y desde que me conozco he escuchado su musica. Le deseo mucha felicidad y espero conocerlo algun dia en persona. Gracias por su apoyo a mi tierra Venezuela y quiero que sepa que alla se le sigue queriendo y ollendo sus discos. Saludos y que Dios me lo bendiga.
El 13/12/2015 a las 05:31

Hello! ,i volunteer for a community,for community where i live.I'm P.R,the commissioner of my county approved my Multicultural Unity festival every for every year,My festival was okay, i need my second one to be much better. You wondering where this going ? Ok" i'm fighting for a community center for this area ,and i'm working Solo.Therefor i'm looking for help out of the box.If you can help us in anyway ,I'm trying to do a telethon and i need entertainers.Please help.
El 03/11/2015 a las 14:36

I love your music. I grew up on it. Your grandmother and mother both attended church at my grandfathers church. El Salvador. My mom has baby pics of you and pictures of your grandmother and mom. If you would like copies just let me know. God bless and keep doing what you do best.
El 29/09/2015 a las 03:31

Do you remember the music teacher Mr. Bonemier, I studied the trumpet with him at Clark J.H.S. before he transferred to Burger J.H.S. I lived on Brook Ave. I used go to Burger and listen to you rehearsing. Been a fan long time, I run into nephew here in Fl. on Sunrise Blvd. Take care, I will be attending your concert on October 10th. in MIami...
El 28/08/2015 a las 20:06

Hi, this is Noel Borgos I lived in New York City for 30 years I never missed a concert at Madison, when I lived in Puerto Rico I loved your music I bought of your records or lps with
Hector Lavoe from my born town Ponce. I loved your music now also always you has a message for los latinos ,God bless you and continue doing music and work with the community.
Thank you
El 13/07/2015 a las 04:48

Group up to the sounds of Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe in the South Bronx. Bailando el Che che cole y Aguanile en los basement parties at the Super's house😉
El 12/07/2015 a las 00:53

One of the founding fathers of Salsa Music. He helped create a style and attitude that the Latinos in New York loved because it helped define us a little more. Everywhere you went in NYC, the music could be heard on the streets and neighborhood parks.
El 12/07/2015 a las 00:41

I grew up listening to your music. My family always had Salsa playing on Saturdays when the whole family got together to hang out and have a good time.
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Mensajes : 1 a 10
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Número de mensajes : 2475